a night to cocktail

tonight's the night! the good ol' company holiday party. i love this night. it's the greatest. we have a small company so the conversation is good, the laughs are plenty, and the wine flows like...well, wine.

we celebrate each year at the gorgeous, and amazing st julien hotel....with a fab dinner at jill's. lucky gal (both thumbs pointing inward)!! this year is much smaller than normal, so going solo made the most sense but its always a fun night, and recapping all the antics from the last year at the office is always pretty funny.

i have three outfit options. still no idea which i will go with. bbe always looks like a freakin' rock star so it 'ups the ante,' if you will.

good dinner, good company, and good times. the only bad part about it is the rockin' hangover i have the next day, and having to roll out of that amazing bed at the julien in the morning. blah.

here's to the cogs in the machine.
xoxo ashleycolean

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