shake it up


i've been considering an experiment. for three reasons, 1. save money, 2. tackle a couple of these pounds that make my 3 mile beginning miles feel like triathlons, and 3. curiosity.

i posed the question the other day, what would happen if i ate only protein powder 5x a day for a week?

as it turns out, it would be pretty rough on the ol' body-but imagine the savings and simplicity if it wasn't bad for you.

the stress of the $2,500 looming on that no interest card is plaguing my life and keeping me from necessary things, like-the grocery store. i've been working weekends with tails, and watching pennies but i'm still struggling to get a grip on it. it doesn't seem that protein shakes will be the answer, so...

the search continues.
xoxo ashleycolean



i feel like i am an entry lunatic lately. want my email? sure! want my address for a sample? no problem!! want an hour of my time for 10 miles on (insert any) airline point programs? um-k!

so when i saw anna was doing a cool giveaway it was no different. i tweeted and blogged and facebooked about it to increase my chances to win this great print for my apartment. i'm thinking in my walk in closet. remind me, daily, that i have SO MUCH STUFF and, in fact, don't need that $239 dress from jcrew.

want less.
xoxo ashleycolean



I watch guilty pleasures like  the challenge-battle of the exes. i can't help it...i love it

I'm glad it's cold outside because i own great sweaters

I wish I could just pay someone good money to wash and blowdry my hair every morning

I love discovering unexpected movie gems like  the film on kony this week

I feel like a 5 year-old when things are unfair

I feel like it's one of the world's great injustices when american's take their education for granted

I write a blog post and realize that my life is ultimately not very interesting

I feel inspired to be a better person when i spend time with my friend tara


eight week update

at the start of the year i posted about my 2012 goals. it's my anti resolution, and i do it every year. normally the list is much larger and significantly less...significant, but in an effort to actually do something with purpose this year i made some adjustments. plus, i doubt it would be too terribly interesting that i completed my "go to a movie alone" goal. alas.

i thought i'd give ya'll an update on my anti resolution list.

here's my list for 2012:

1. pay off my student loan DONE! WHOO HOO!!

2. go on a vacation to another country- this is feeling terribly distant right now, but i am going to try my hardest to make it happen

3. do something spontaneous (i know it seems like i'm planning it)-lack of spontaneity thus far

4. run another marathon (or at least a half)-signed up for a half and i have been hitting the treadmill again, which actually feels kind of good/miserable all rolled into one

5. get back in shape (aka lose the 25 lbs i put on since my last marathon-ugh)-HA

6. read 3 classic novels that are often referenced (help with these options would be great)- i haven't read so much as the hunger games, much less a classic yet this year

7. hug at least one person everyday-i gotta start hugging more. although, yesterday, i gave two hugs, TWO

8. be more present (try and live for the day not for the future)-i'm working hard on this, but it's a complete mental shift so it's a bit of a slow process. bare with me

9. put at least $6,000 $10,000 in savings-i updated the goal because if i can pay down $16k in 10 months, i can save $10k in a year...damn it!

10. (still under consideration)-help a sista out!


month 10!!!

february was a love month, that's for sure, but it was love of money for me! i officially paid down all of my student loan debt this month-which felt ahh-mahh-zing! seriously, i was so happy, and proud of myself.

i never would have thought in my first month that i would be able to pay down close to $15,000 in debt in 10 months time. no way. i had high hopes, but didn't think they were terribly realistic.

the wild thing about it, is i still did pretty much everything i wanted. i still bought things, and went out to dinner, and took a couple of flights home to see my family. the only difference, i was mindful. i was conscious about my spending and the decisions i was making with my money.

imagine, if i was super duper serious about it what could have happened. the success story in this month, friends, is that making small changes can provide some pretty big rewards!

this month i paid down a total of $3,222.51-all but $360 of that went to my student loan. this month i had some boosts...my tax refund (which i put down on the loan in its entirety), a really nice surprise 'help' check from my mom for $250, and i put the majority of my purchases on my no interest credit card (which now i have to pay off).

my next goal is to beef up the savings. at the start of the year i decided i wanted to put a minimum of $6,000 in savings this year...however, looking at that now, it seems SUPER low. how about $10k?? i think i can make $10k happen!

so, my total debt down this month: $3,222.51!!
total debt down since the beginning: $16,510.25!!

man o man! i'm going to try for another $1,500 over the next two months to make the year a cool, $18,000.

xoxo ashleycolean