a beautiful day

my amazing friend tara, has done it again. check these beautiful photos of my mom, sister and me and hop on over to tara's blog to see more.

love you t, thanks for this.
xoxo ashleycolean


a progress report

i'm not rockin this june challenge, kiddos.

i'm killing it.

like, murdering. not-'killing it, brah' but seriously, doing terribly.

i have $80.34 left for the rest of the month. for everything. and, need i remind you, it's only june 19th.

um, losing.
xoxo ashleycolean


friend love

a few weeks ago my amazing, spectacularly talented friend, tara took some photos of me while we roamed around five points.

i'm gracing her blog today-so pop on over and check the rest of them out.

follow her blog for beautiful updates in a much more regular fashion than me!!
also, like her out on facebook, here!

thanks again t for the fun photos!
xoxo ashleycolean


lo siento

sorry for not having my blogging' sh*t together...things have been an insane whirlwind lately.
luckily, i have tara, doin all the work for me! :)

check out a fun recent weekend with new friends here. and join t's blog! she's pretty much my favorite. :)

here's to doing it all again this weekend.
xoxo ashleycolean


an update

{get it...cash}
of my $400.00 i started june with for all my spending needs i have $243.68 left....and 18 days...

can she do it?!??
xoxo ashleycolean


how to make it work...

my oldest friend, of all time, is getting married early next year to his beautiful fiance, in hawaii. we've been friends for nearly 20 years. twenty! and i am so incredibly happy for him that he's found the perfect girl for him! so happy!!

hawaii will be beautiful, amazing, and unfortunately, not cheap.

i would be so sad if i missed this wedding adventure, and regret not seeing such a dear friend begin the next chapter of his life.

in order to try and make this work, i decided that maybe a travel credit card (capital one venture card) would be a good idea. for the next eight months i could put all my purchase, from rent, to groceries, to expenses for work on that card and pay it off each month. i would assume in 8 months i would have enough points built up to make a serious dent in the flight if not pay for it in its entirety.

that's step one.

step two...well, i'm workin' through this one thing at a time.

here's to hawaii.
xoxo ashleycolean


misery fail

{new sunnies-gift from mom}
i tried to spend $200 the second half of may and failed...hard.

alas, the attempt is happening again! i am trying to spend $400 total (gas, groceries, spending) for the month of june. on day 6 i have spent $50.00, leaving me with $350.

i have a few days worth of groceries, and just under a half tank of gas so i should be in good shape, but WE SHALL SEE.

wish me luck!
xoxo ashleycolean


great news

my mom and sister are coming to boulder to spend the weekend with me! they get here this afternoon.
we have no plans and few commitments...which is pretty much amazing!

pool days, farmers markets, movies, shopping, and showing them around...i can't wait!

happy weekend!
xoxo ashleycolean