{i'm baaaaaackkkkk}
alright ya'll, i've been on a quite a little blogging hiatus lately. my apologies, but it was much needed. i'm not terribly confident i am, in any way-shape-or form, the person to be delving out advice at the moment.

things have been crazy, and busy, and ambiguous, and sometimes good, and most of the time weird, and sometimes funky. i haven't had my norms, my schedule, or really much of any sanity...if we're being completely honest.

BUT...i wanted to update ya'll on the spending/saving and tell you (honestly) where i am with the ol' financial lockdown.

so my last post was in june-yikes.

in june my total amount to debt and savings was: $998.00
in july: $942.00
in august (it's looking like): $855.00

total debt down in 16 months: $22,349.26

so, long story (very) short, i'm still cruisin, but have slowed way down. as it turns out moving into an overpriced luxury apartment wasn't the smartest choice-and i'm still working bit by bit to save when i can.

i'm thinkin' down payment by fall of next year.
now, i just have to figure out where this gal will be when it comes time to make a choice.

they say life is a process...
yea, i'm feelin' that.

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