ten four

recently i told ya'll that i went to a financial seminar. i was telling bbe about it the other day and she asked, 'what was your biggest takeway?"

it made me think. and also made me think i was an idiot for not sharing (on my blog about my financial decisions) what my big revelation was!

so here it is.

once my student loan is paid off, rather than continue to put big chunks of money down on my car loan (which has a low interest rate) i am going to start contributing much more heavily into my savings. i will put a little bit each month into savings until my student loan is paid, and then start beefing that sucker up.

my reasoning:
my car loan has a tiny interest rate- 2.95%

i'd eventually like to own, not rent, and as it stands today i don't have the money for a down payment even if i could afford the mortgage...not a good feeling.

i dont want to be one of those people with $45,000 in the bank at age 65.

i need to get enough money into savings to be able to 'make my money work for me.' right now i have an emergency fund-but nothing else. i need to have a retirement account, and an idea of what the hell i'm doing with it.

i think it will help keep me motivated to see the 'money i have' column on my spreadsheet go up and up each month.

so there you have it. i'm on the retirement path. weird, right!??
xoxo ashleycolean

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