big happenings

since i started caring about my money, my debt, my net worth, and all other things incredibly more grown up than i care to-i get really excited about the silliest of things!

but this-this, my friends, is not silly. it's awesome.

i have my student loans through the government. it used to be 'direct loans' but now they have a new site myedaccount.com. there have been issues with the site (they don't show old transactions, they don't show pending transactions so i accidentally paid $500 twice this month, etc) but something great has happened.
you can pull up your account information and go into the specific loans-not that great. however, from there you can actually allocate the funds you pay (this only works for additional payments, not your normal monthly payment) on whichever loan you would like!!! that means, i can put all my extra payments on my higher interest rate loan first! WHOO HOO!

see, i told you i am a boring grown up.
xoxo ashleycolean

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