what's it worth to ya?

it's funny what some people will spend their money on. generics won't hack it, they place more importance in certain areas over others, it's just what they've always done, brand loyalty, etc.

lately, i've been spending a bit more than i'd love to on "quality" skin care products. i started the origins line about two months ago. i love the smell, the packaging, the philosophy, but not necessarily the price. i am still waiting to see if the results are worth the price...but the jury is still out.

do you have something you will spend more on? why? you just love it? you believe in it?

what's your spending soft spot, if you will?
xoxo ashleycolean

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tara polly said...

the fact that aveda air control hairspray smells freaking amazing and is all natural makes me choose it over anything walgreens has to offer but for the most part i've been trying my best to go store brand on everything i can. it's been an adjustment!