month 11!!!

{i saw this on my sisters pintrest today and loved it!}
the excitement of being out of loan debt came and went and so did march. i went out and spent wildly the weekend after i paid off the student loan, which i still biting me in the ass. gallivanting around lululemon like paying $105 for spandex pants is rational set me up for a bit of buyers remorse, but that's alright. i dooo love my wunderunders!

i scaled it back on the debt payments and the saving for a minute last month, but plan to get back into it whole heartily in april and may!

on a thrifty note, i spent $129 and got 3 round trip flights back home to kansas city over the next few months!

also, in march, my dear friend jamie got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor. i am so happy that she is a mindful person with rational expectations when it comes to her wedding. it is going to be such a fantastic day! i need to start figuring out a little bachelorette party action-in a financially mindful way :)

i also decided this month with the weather getting gorgeous outside that i will drop my bar method monthly membership for the summer months, which will save me $145/month.

total debt paid this month: $360
total money saved this month: $475

not terrible, but nothing to write home about either. how did i ever have those HUGE months of debt payment. man, it feels impossible now, even though i just did it!

total debt payment in 11 months: $18,888.07
total saved in 11 months: ($1,547.82)  (i took out to pay down my loan...)

focusing on that savings goal is key for me for a ton of reasons over the next few months! i really want to get that back to where it was when i started last may and then some! here's to adding ten grand to the pot!

xoxo ashleycolean

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