how to make it work...

my oldest friend, of all time, is getting married early next year to his beautiful fiance, in hawaii. we've been friends for nearly 20 years. twenty! and i am so incredibly happy for him that he's found the perfect girl for him! so happy!!

hawaii will be beautiful, amazing, and unfortunately, not cheap.

i would be so sad if i missed this wedding adventure, and regret not seeing such a dear friend begin the next chapter of his life.

in order to try and make this work, i decided that maybe a travel credit card (capital one venture card) would be a good idea. for the next eight months i could put all my purchase, from rent, to groceries, to expenses for work on that card and pay it off each month. i would assume in 8 months i would have enough points built up to make a serious dent in the flight if not pay for it in its entirety.

that's step one.

step two...well, i'm workin' through this one thing at a time.

here's to hawaii.
xoxo ashleycolean

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