a progress report

i'm not rockin this june challenge, kiddos.

i'm killing it.

like, murdering. not-'killing it, brah' but seriously, doing terribly.

i have $80.34 left for the rest of the month. for everything. and, need i remind you, it's only june 19th.

um, losing.
xoxo ashleycolean


tara polly said...

your twitter feed to the right shows a telling history of the restaurants who are draining your wallet, friend. :) i think you need a good old fashioned walmart grocery run to make it through the end of the month! love you.

ashleycolean said...

tell me about it. too much fun, too much time out, too much...everything. i'm on a new financial diet called ramen.

Natasha Ting said...

Sometimes we need adventures like this. Why not live dangerously?

ps. but infrequently.