month 6!!

can you believe it! six months into this 'spending awareness??' SIX MONTHS!!!! Time flies when you're havin 'fun.' :)

this month was wacky. i had a wedding (and 9 days back in kansas city), i went to beaver creek for a weekend with my super rad and totally awesome colorado friends for a birthday/new job celebration (happy birthday blake, and congratulations beth!), went to aspen with an amazing group of folks for a little dream chasing.

i did a lot this month, and spent pretty freely and still did pretty well! my intention was to put down $635.30-which is my minimum payment plus a $500 extra payment, but things got wacky when the department of education converted their website (which has a couple glitches) and i accidentally made the $500 payment twice. this pulled cash out of savings-no bueno. BUT, at least it went down on my debt and not to nordstrom for these amazing boots i want. :) bright side!

a few late in the month purchases (i really did need new jeans) will show up next month and i will likely take a bit of a hit, but that's okay. i'm doin the best i can.

november is going to be tight. i'm going to see if i can keep 'non-need' to a $100 limit. we'll see.

total payments this month: $1,135.30.

total payments in 6 months: $9,338.14

party like a rockstar!
xoxo ashleycolean

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