shake it up


i've been considering an experiment. for three reasons, 1. save money, 2. tackle a couple of these pounds that make my 3 mile beginning miles feel like triathlons, and 3. curiosity.

i posed the question the other day, what would happen if i ate only protein powder 5x a day for a week?

as it turns out, it would be pretty rough on the ol' body-but imagine the savings and simplicity if it wasn't bad for you.

the stress of the $2,500 looming on that no interest card is plaguing my life and keeping me from necessary things, like-the grocery store. i've been working weekends with tails, and watching pennies but i'm still struggling to get a grip on it. it doesn't seem that protein shakes will be the answer, so...

the search continues.
xoxo ashleycolean

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