the regimen

okay, tara...you asked for it! :)
lately i've been talking about my new skin care regimen that cost me an arm and a leg and i'm still waiting for benefits...hopefully, waiting.

let me preface this with one thing i know for sure...origins products smell amazing!

from top left -the entire system

wash/modern friction exfoliater/exfoliating pads

(the exfoliater is made with rice so it isn't as harsh on your skin as say, the sand products i used to use/the pads can only be used twice/week)

balancing toner
(i put it in a spray bottle i got a target for $1 so i wouldn't waste any on a cotton ball)

brightening serum/everyday serum
(this brightening serum is supposed to solve my dark spots problem/the other is to keep environmental junk off your face)

(i love this product...a lot)

ginzing eye cream
(a day time eye cream with caffeine to take the night time puffiness out of your eyes)

bb cream/vitazing
(i'm not in love with their bbcream. i think garnier's product is better/vitazing is a tiny bit of tint plus spf for days you are running to the gym or errands. i also use it under my makeup sometimes just because i like the way it feels on my skin)

smashbox photo finish/origins foundation
(not an origins product but love it (sephora)/i went with their 'fawn' color and am pretty impressed with the coverage)

at night/apply after serums
zit cream/anti aging eye cream/night cream
(for spots/never too early to start/not in love with this night cream, the texture of it is a little weird for me so i will try a different approach on my next go around)

there you have it. the suddenly paranoid about age, 27 year old's face care system.

origins, i'll be lookin' for my kickback.
xoxo ashleycolean


tara polly said...

holy crap. i suddenly feel like i'm taking the WORST care of my skin! haha -- can't wait to hear your report in three months or so on which products will stay in the regimen and which aren't worth it. you're awesome for putting this together!

Personal Style said...

Hello beautiful just discovered your blog, I love it, you have a new follower.

A big hug, PersonalStyle.


ashleycolean said...

thanks so much! glad to have you! :)

Cornell Finkel said...

Exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and anti-aging agents, I think you’re on the right track, Ashley! :) Your skin would definitely be as happy as you are. It would be even better if you incorporate more natural regiments that would never go out of the market. For one, it’s good to rehydrate both inside and out. Drink a lot of water (at least 8 glasses a day), also, fruits and vegetables (i.e. cucumber, watermelon and cabbage) are good skin agents too.

Cornell Finkel

Francis Powers said...

All these stuff are enough to keep your skin always clean. I agree with Cornell that having a healthy eating habit and living a healthy lifestyle is very helpful to keep your glowing skin, and for your overall health as well.

-Francis Powers

Carmelia Toliver said...

Here’s a simple tip for you to remember: keep everything in balance. What I mean is that you should combine using cosmetic products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't just depend on these skin items. You will achieve a much greater result if you have both natural and artificial skin care regimens! ;)

Carmelia Toliver