splurging causes purging

this is how that balance makes me feel...
a few months ago i made the decision to get a no interest rate credit card to pick up a few items i needed. my bed, mattress, moving costs, etc. i had high hopes that what i had learned over the past almost year would be enough to keep that card in my wallet. problem: old habits die hard.

soon after i got that card i confessed that i wasn't very good about spending wisely when i knew that i was going to have fifteen months to pay it off.

i cannot tell you the intense amount of anxiety i have knowing that credit card is sitting with a seemingly impossible balance on it because of a only a couple of months of haphazard spending.

first, i should tell you that my haphazard is by no means, WILD. if we are being honest, here's a couple places i went wrong: i bought about $280 worth of lululemon workout clothes and a new skin care line which was a bit spendy, probably $350 for the whole thing. i feel like those were my only two purchases that could be considered silly or unnecessary. i didn't start picking up $200 bar tabs, go on a shopping spree, or take a trip to europe. (which is annoying because i could have probably gone on a pretty decent vacation with all the money i somehow spent without noticing...UGH).

however, the card piled up a pretty decent balance, and even after a couple months of trying to put some cash down on it, i still have a balance flirting with $2,000.


it got to TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS before the statement slapped me in the face??!? what the HELL.

so, now, i have this nearly uncontrollable urge to sell the majority of my belongings (furniture, clothes, etc) to get that damn thing paid off. i am so anxious and so irritated.

i have zero interest on that card until march of 2013, but i can't stand it. it's haunting me. i need to pay it off as soon as humanly possible.

the moral of the story...splurging causes purging. and nobody likes that.


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tara polly said...

oh, friend. this is why i'm not allowed to have credit cards. to budget-friendly activities from here on out this summer! love you.
xo! tara