in three months time

i was thinking the other day how happy i was that i started my lockdown when i did. it's funny how big some problems can feel until you start tackling them. i was putting off dealing with my debt because...well, i didn't want to deal with it.

people say all the time... 'how can you do that?' 'but two years is SO LONG!!!' 'i could never.'

my new response...try it for three months. if you hate it, stop. if you love it, keep going. anybody, can do just about anything for three months. that's nothing.

i took the last three months of my lockdown to show you how much you can accomplish in just three short months.

in three months time i paid off a total of $3,414.25. i still had fun, i still went out, i still got a couple cute things, i still ate, and put gas in my car. i was just mindful. you don't have to stop everything. you really can just make a few adjustments, for just a few months, and see big rewards.
september, october and november recaps are around if you want to see how things went in each month.

get wild, get crazy and try it out.
what could it hurt?
xoxo ashleycolean

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