month five!!

september was my 'okay ashley, get a grip' month. i was putting too much pressure on myself-so, like jeffrey, i'm trying something else....moderation (which has never been my strong suit).

i'm in better shape from month 4. i was a bit of a disaster-but september helped me calm down, breathe, gather myself and make it happen. whatever it may be, at least i was making moves to do the best that i could.
a girl's gotta get some credit for that, right!
i spent a lot of the month (and a lot of the month's money) working out way more than any normal human should to look acceptable in the maid of honor dress i will be dawning in just two weeks from tomorrow! it's been hard work, and cost me a pretty penny (nice gym, protein shakes, a trainer, etc) but hopefully it'll all work out okay.

this month i had a couple big buys also-my 6 month car insurance premium was due, and i made the decision to go for renters insurance. ya know, just in case. a year of knowing all my things are protected against disaster is definitely worth the $159.00 annual premium. if you want to look into renters insurance of your own, go here or check out any renter policy-i even got a break on my car insurance for signing up. thanks geico, for that $9.75 deposit back in my account.
i had a couple of tails jobs this month which helped dig me out from august and the bachelorette party i threw in boulder. another fancy surprise came this month when my mom sent me some money for my flight home for christmas-so sweet of her!!
the good news: i'm back to zero on my credit cards!! i made a little extra payment on my loans and feel like i can start october with a clearer head as far as the lockdown goes!
total debt down: $778.95!
the cool thing about this month is i am now below $9,000 on my student loans and below $18,000 on my car! whoohoo! i can't wait to be done with my student loan! that'll be a really really exciting day.

you can check out my previous progress (and pitfalls) from month 1, month 2, month 3 and month 4.
i'm almost positive that in the month of october (unless something i haven't forseen comes up) i will move out of the red on my net worth-which would be...ah-maz-ing!
not bad for taking a break, ehhh.
xoxo ashleycolean

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