month 10!!!

february was a love month, that's for sure, but it was love of money for me! i officially paid down all of my student loan debt this month-which felt ahh-mahh-zing! seriously, i was so happy, and proud of myself.

i never would have thought in my first month that i would be able to pay down close to $15,000 in debt in 10 months time. no way. i had high hopes, but didn't think they were terribly realistic.

the wild thing about it, is i still did pretty much everything i wanted. i still bought things, and went out to dinner, and took a couple of flights home to see my family. the only difference, i was mindful. i was conscious about my spending and the decisions i was making with my money.

imagine, if i was super duper serious about it what could have happened. the success story in this month, friends, is that making small changes can provide some pretty big rewards!

this month i paid down a total of $3,222.51-all but $360 of that went to my student loan. this month i had some boosts...my tax refund (which i put down on the loan in its entirety), a really nice surprise 'help' check from my mom for $250, and i put the majority of my purchases on my no interest credit card (which now i have to pay off).

my next goal is to beef up the savings. at the start of the year i decided i wanted to put a minimum of $6,000 in savings this year...however, looking at that now, it seems SUPER low. how about $10k?? i think i can make $10k happen!

so, my total debt down this month: $3,222.51!!
total debt down since the beginning: $16,510.25!!

man o man! i'm going to try for another $1,500 over the next two months to make the year a cool, $18,000.

xoxo ashleycolean

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