eight week update

at the start of the year i posted about my 2012 goals. it's my anti resolution, and i do it every year. normally the list is much larger and significantly less...significant, but in an effort to actually do something with purpose this year i made some adjustments. plus, i doubt it would be too terribly interesting that i completed my "go to a movie alone" goal. alas.

i thought i'd give ya'll an update on my anti resolution list.

here's my list for 2012:

1. pay off my student loan DONE! WHOO HOO!!

2. go on a vacation to another country- this is feeling terribly distant right now, but i am going to try my hardest to make it happen

3. do something spontaneous (i know it seems like i'm planning it)-lack of spontaneity thus far

4. run another marathon (or at least a half)-signed up for a half and i have been hitting the treadmill again, which actually feels kind of good/miserable all rolled into one

5. get back in shape (aka lose the 25 lbs i put on since my last marathon-ugh)-HA

6. read 3 classic novels that are often referenced (help with these options would be great)- i haven't read so much as the hunger games, much less a classic yet this year

7. hug at least one person everyday-i gotta start hugging more. although, yesterday, i gave two hugs, TWO

8. be more present (try and live for the day not for the future)-i'm working hard on this, but it's a complete mental shift so it's a bit of a slow process. bare with me

9. put at least $6,000 $10,000 in savings-i updated the goal because if i can pay down $16k in 10 months, i can save $10k in a year...damn it!

10. (still under consideration)-help a sista out!

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