slow your roll

remember how i got a no interest credit card and it made me super nervous but i did it anyway. well...after only 5 weeks with that silly thing i have significantly racked some charges. $2,000 to be exact. whomp whomp.

so i am slowing down the student loan pay off to get that credit card back under control. i decided that paying off the student loan-my ultimate goal-wouldn't feel nearly as fantastic knowing i had a credit card with over 2k sitting on it.

so, it may be a month or two of minimum payments on the loan to get it back under control, but then, i will kill those loans and that card.
as it turns out, interest or no interest, i can't stand owing anyone money. not my mom, or the government, or my roommate, or discover card. it doesn't matter. i hate it. it eats at me. i'm just not cut out for it.

but the loan is under $1000.00-which is stinkin' awesome. i can't wait to have that damn thing off my payroll.

tightening the purse strings.
xoxo ashleycolean

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