it changed my life

a few months ago, i was hanging out with some friends and one of them was reading glamour mag. she was mocking an article called 20 beauty products that will change your life. "seriously?!! changed your life??! what beauty product can change your life!!" i quickly corrected her. yes, as a matter of fact one of their 'life changers' from a couple years ago really did change my life.

okay, maybe a mild exaggeration, but still. it's made a difference. the product in question, clairol root touchup. aka, BOMB DOT COM root saver.

it is freaking amazing. it saves me time, MONEY, and embarrassing roots. i color my hair about 4 shades darker than my natural color (much to the dismay of my mom). i have had hair just about every color under the sun, but there are so many benefits to being dark.

limited upkeep, box dye looks just the same as the salon (or close enough), its cheaper, i look like the poor mans kardashian (or so i've been told), and it looks better when it's a mess. i just did a little root touch up this weekend...
ya see...looks like one color to me!
anyway, root touch up really does work. i dont know how, but it does, and i'm not asking any questions. it's normally just under $6 box (you can get it at target) and it works just as well as coloring your whole head. i actually like it better than an all over color because it gives a little dimension.

i was at target the other day and they had a sale, buy one box color and get the touch up free! i spent under $20 and have enough hair dye and root touch up to last me until september!! september, people!!

now that's what i call a bargain.
xoxo ashleycolean

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