leavin on a jet plane

i have a trip coming up. i can't say what, because it a surprise, but it's a trip nonetheless. being a bit on the thrifty side, i recently signed up for airfarewatchdog.com. i get emails all the time, but yesterday one popped out at me! denver to (surprise destination city) for $99.60...ROUND TRIP! i booked, saved a fortune and got to take southwest-my favorite because the miles pile up so quickly with them (and i use their mileage credit card.

airfarewatchdog is awesome because you can sign up to receive emails about airfare deals on cities you are actually interested in going to. i have kansas city, vegas, nashville, dominican republic and chicago on my notifications list.

yesterday, the sucker paid off. sign up here.

and i'll see ya at the airport!
xoxo ashleycolean

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