you guys might remember when i told you about my contact lenses rebate debacle but i will cliff notes it for you here:

1. needed contacts (march 2011)
2. found a website offering an $80 rebate with 18 months purchased
3. bought 18 months even though i didn't need that much just for the rebate
4. rebate place loses paperwork
5. fought for rebate despite loss
6. get rebate card mailed to me
7. never receive card
8. call company to check on it
9. "yes, we mailed it and you used it all but $1.32"
10. realize my mail had been getting stolen (not just the $80 but other things too)
11. dispute charges
12. months pass
13. check online yesterday
14. money is back on the card (january 2012)
15. hooray!

the moral of the story, hold onto all your paperwork, fight back and be persistent. companies bank on the idea that people won't notice, won't remember or will give up. so don't do any of those things. be diligent. even if it takes NINE months to get an eight week rebate.

so now i have $80.00 i thought i would never ever see again burning a hole in my pocket. i'm going to go buy a box spring with it, but i better do it fast before i buy something leopard for my closet.

i just love leopard that much!
xoxo ashleycolean

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