rather than resolutions

some people are anti resolutions. i'm not. i'd just prefer to make a list of the ten things i really want to do in the new year.

here's my list for 2012:
1. pay off my student loan
2. go on a vacation to another country
3. do something spontaneous (i know it seems like i'm planning it)
4. run another marathon (or at least a half)
5. get back in shape (aka lose the 25 lbs i put on since my last marathon-ugh)
6. read 3 classic novels that are often referenced (help with these options would be great)
7. hug at least one person everyday
8. be more present (try and live for the day not for the future)
9. put at least $6,000 in savings
10. (still under consideration)

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tara polly photography said...

love all of this and looking forward to being a part of some of it, too! xoxo.