month 8!!

8 months! duuuude!

december had the same expenses for me that it has for everyone else. holiday gifts, travel, party dresses :)

i managed this month to pay off $1,098.14 on my student loan, $360 on my car, and put $536.14 in savings!! and yes, i still got a party dress!

i realized about half way through september that december was going to hit me hard. i love gift giving, but i knew this year i would have to scale WAY back. i still bought for my family-i just scaled back a bit, and started shopping in september! not because of my type A-ness, but out of necessity. that way, when december came, i didn't get blasted with all of the gift expenses at once.

i also started looking for sales for a dress for my holiday party at the end of october. i got a (nearly) $250 dress for less than $100! i could have probably worn something i had, but i didn't. i regretted it a bit, but it is what it is, and i learned from it. luckily this little number will come in handy for a bunch of other events, occasions, and can be worn in every season-so i didn't do too terrible.

i also had to fly home to kc. i kept my eye out-starting in about august for that just right sale, and frontier provided. they offered a $14.00 one way ticket! my total travel for chirstmas was about $200.00.

i also moved this month. i watched my spending big time. i used old boxes, got boxes from friends, and my boss. luckily, moving around the holiday was kind of a good idea, as it saved me box costs with all the online shoppers i know! total spend on moving materials was $78.54-not bad when you consider the tape alone was $23! i did hire movers. i googled 'cheap denver movers' and found always moving and relocation. for three hours of work i paid $222, and tipped $60.00. total move cost: $360.54-and about 3 months of stress, but who's counting.

i also made a bit of extra cash this month with side jobs, tails jobs, selling a bunch of stuff on craigslist.

so total pay down on debt in december was a whopping $1,458.14! and total savings was $536.14!

in 2012, i am reformatting a bit. i'm going to add a little emphasis to saving...so my total from here on out will reflect not only 'total debt down,' but also savings!! a little like this:

month 8 total: $1,994.28

happy new year!!
xoxo ashleycolean

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