in my 27th year

{other than dyed hair and an aversion to red clothing, i'm not sure i have changed one bit}
today happens to be my birthday. it's also fat tuesday. so i feel obligated to go out on the town and overindulge a bit tonight...but first, a bit of reflection.

i was talking to someone not long ago who was telling me about giving your year a word-a purpose-or a plan. assigning a word to the year and living by that word.

in my 26th year, i think my word was 'learn.' i didn't proactively assign a word, but it feels like 'learn' was my word looking back.

i learned a lot about myself-both good and bad. i learned how to pay down debt, and about finances in general. i learned that relationships are what you make of them and playing an active role in those relationships is the only way to cultivate them. i learned how to buy a car, and move on my own, and all kinds of other super adulty things. i learned that trust should be held a little closer to the chest than i'd previously thought. i learned that some people are still catty-no matter their age, and some people are so generous with their souls they just beam light to those around them. i learned there is no replacement for family, and sometimes all it takes to keep you level is a tuesday lunch with someone who knows you inside and out. i learned that there's always more to learn and ways to grow as a person, employee, sister, friend. i learned that my life is up to me and only i can create the life for myself that i want to have.

i learned that life is short and time flies, so i have to start living my life more presently rather than wishing my days away waiting for the 'next big thing.'

which brings me to my word in my 27th year....'live.'

i am making a promise to myself that for the next 365 days, and hopefully every day after that, i will be present and remember everyday that this life is the only one i get. i will try my best to live life with a passion and excitement that is easily lost in the day to day. i will live, and look back at this year on february 21, 2013 with an ear to ear smile on my face. i will live.

'live'...accompanied with 'love' and 'peace' oughta make for a pretty amazing 27th year.

may every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace. -blessing
xoxo ashleycolean

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theweederfam said...

This is such a lovely idea...I might have to steal it. xo