TA DA!!!

I DID IT!!!!

i just pushed the button on the final payment (EVER) on my student loans!

i am officially out of student loan debt!!!!

in ten months time, i paid off $14,475.50!!! my starting balance on may 1st, 2011-when i started my lockdown, was $14,059.09-so i paid an additional $416.41 in interest.

imagine if i'd never started to pay down with serious ferocity how much interest i would have paid!

i have a million thank yous for anna from 'and then she saved' for motivating me to do it, and making it seem doable. when i read her interview in 5280 magazine last april i would have never dreamed i could make this happen in less than a year. as much as i wished i could have gone on that trip, or bought that dress, or picked up happy hour for everyone over the past ten months, the feeling of accomplishment i have right now FAR out weighs all of those little things i cut back on for a short period of time. small cuts make BIG differences-i promise!

today, i'm riding this high.
tomorrow, on to the savings goal-

i'm so happy i feel like punch dancing!
xoxo ashleycolean

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