my first month if o-o-o-over! drumroll please! buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrruuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddrrrrddddddd.....

in total this month i paid down $1,950.52 dollars on my debt!!
thats right!!! $1,950.52!!!

pictures c/o weheartit
i paid off my only credit card with a balance-a total of $812.57.
i paid $360.00 on my v-dub.
and, for the kicker, i paid $777.95 on my damn student loans.

i'm feeling SUPER empowered and happy with how i did the first month!!

 may 'wants' quickly turned into 'not a need' spending. i didn't really 'want' to park at the airport, or repair my jeans, but alas, i also didn't have to...so, it counts here. i wrote it here for my first month because i was afraid i wouldn't be honest with myself. but i was, so i don't know if i'll post this each month. it is crazy pants how fast it goes.

$200.00 balance for may 'wants'
$24.95 re tipped my leather heels
$9.75 wine for dinner with a friend-i know. cut me some slack i'm still new at this.
$10.00 repaired anthropologie dress
$10.00 repaired jean zipper
$18.00 airport parking for mother's day trip
$2.50 fee to use flight points for a wedding in kansas city
$7.56 caved (popcorn and diet coke for lunch)
$10.00 margaritas with friends (luckily i have generous friends)
$5.26 bagel (post margarita night) for me and a friend-see...drinking ruins plans!
$1.02 card for a babyshower
$38.38 night out that i didn't plan on
$3.75 parking (note to self: LODO meters go until 10pm)
$40.00 tips for hair and massage on a groupon i bought forever ago
$2.09 remainder due on 2 scarves i bought with a gift cert to lovely boutique
$8.00 movie-i couldn't help it.
$4.50 diet coke at the movie...okay-i could have helped that. my bad.

i feel like i could have been tighter on this budget...maybe i should chop it down to $100/month?!? ehh, we'll see. i'm no angel. but, i do feel like i could have easily cut $80.00 off of that. lesson learned.

if you're thinking of trying a couple money savers out for yourself, here are a couple big savers i had this month....

~never buy anything at the airport.
~clean out drawers of...whatever. i did beauty products and its already saving me. big.
~drink coffee at work. gotta be $50/month savings-at least.
~flirt. i did. with my hot eye doc and walked out with a years supply of eye drops. ah-thankyouuu.
~carpool. or, do like the real moochers and stay at your grandparents every once in a while. guilty.
~return or sell things in your closet that you haven't worn. i did. totaling $135.74!

image from lilco
 when i started the financial lockdown my total debt was $34,114.73, and now-my new ugly truth, is $32,285.68.

so there you have it kidlets. i'm beaming with pride. and i'm feeling $1,950.52 dollars richer.

dolla-dolla bills ya'll.
xoxo ashleycolean

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