brilliance...and modesty

a couple of weeks ago i was whining about the surprise crap. it ruins everything. fun, plans, fun, fun. you get the idea. the contact lenses i had to buy were no different. thanks to warby parker getting my new glasses (i hadn't had a new pair since i was 19) was a breeze. i'm just crazy hipster now, with clear vision-bonus.

contacts on the other hand...

my hot eye doc told me i had to switch to dailies from the month longs that i've worn before because of eye problems. fine. right? not fine. dailies are pricey little buggers! $439.92 to be exact-for 1 year of contact lenses.
but wait. you didn't think i'd actually pay that for them, did you!?? being the thrifty chick i am, i got the same supply for $175.94!!!

here's how:
1-went to discover card rewards section to see which eye companies work with discover to provide cash back.
2-picked from 2 or 3 companies and chose vision direct for their prices compared to the others.
3-googled 'visiondirect coupon codes' and found a code for 20% off my purchase-that worked.
4-got the contacts and linked through discover to get 15% cash back!!
5-filled out the ciba vision rebate when my contacts arrived.

savings from my purchase:
$80.00 rebate from ciba vision
$65.99 cash back rewards from discover
$117.99 coupon code found online

$263.98 total savings.
saved more than i spent!!

xoxo ashleycolean

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