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when i started this 'get out of debt' mission i admitted that i have a problem with credit cards. not really carrying balances-which is most people's problem. actually, in all honesty-in the 5 years that i have had credit cards i have only been charged a total of $58.00 in charges. $19 was on interest, and $39 for my annual fee for my airline mileage card (which i learned through all of this i can call and get out of).

my problem, as i've said before is with the points, credit, cash back, etc. they blind me when i am making a purchase. i have less of an issue spending the extra money because i know it will convert to points. this is exactly what they are designed to do. i am simply a product of the ad campaigns.

i vowed to get off the cards. the problem is-i can't. i just don't see the point. if i pay cash i see no benefit. if i pay with my discover card (5-20% cash back) or my southwest airlines card (1 pt per dollar/ 2 pts per southwest dollar) i rack up points.

so, i had to be honest with myself. can you keep the cards and keep out of trouble?? i've done well so far. not carrying anything on my accounts. and in the first month of the lock down i earned $23.76 in discover rewards and over 4,000 points from southwest.

ultimately, my friends, it isn't the credit cards that are the problem. we are the problem. it's our responsibility to be smart about our spending. a lack of personal responsibility is the culprit here-not credit cards.
if you quit playing the blame game, and you're smart about what your credit cards offer, it might not be long before you're flying somewhere fun for free in a great new outfit thanks to your good buddies over at visa and discover.

think about it.
xoxo ashleycolean

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