a little extra

so, i think i'm gonna get a little side job. just a little something, maybe 2 nights/week and 1 day/weekend to bring in a little extra cash. now that i am on this spending freeze and debt obliteration, i wanna speed it up. get it movin'. get it over with.
i feel almost panicked about watching these numbers go down. people keep telling me i'm obsessed. i probably am. whatever. i have an obsessive personality. i can think of about ten million trillion worse things to be obsessed with than getting out of debt and educating myself on my finances. like donuts, meth, jack daniels, justin beiber. i mean, that's only 4 things-all of which would be much more destructive.
c/o we heart it
so here are my ideas.

i already have a little side pet/house sitting company, tails are waggin'...i basically do in home pet care for people that go on vacation, leave town for work, etc. i have a few clients-but not enough to make a real dent. so, for starters i am going to try and get some more 'tails' business. i'm thinking posters in coffee shops in neighborhoods i live or work around, and pass out more business cards. this business is basically word of mouth-because, let's face it, i don't want to spend 2 weeks in a weird, strange place.

so in addition to tails, i need to think of another way to boost the good ol' income.

i've waitressed-and i'm good at it, but i dont get off work until 5:30 and evening shifts normally have to be in at 4:30 or 5...

i've done retail-it was alright, but i'm nervous i'd spend all the money i made...i still have undies with the tags on them (the fancy pairs) from when i spent hundreds working at victoria's secret over christmas break one winter.

i've cashiered-and i liked that alright. but only in busy places. boredom makes me want to die.

i've babysat-and would again. do you think if i hand out my pet sitting cards for babysitting people would get the wrong idea??

so, i need to get going on researching these options. see what i can find. maybe i'll wait until after e's wedding (i'm the moh and so have to be in kc for the week before) in october to find something...lots of companies need extra help around the holidays.
we'll see what i come up with.

my wheels are, as they say, turning.
xoxo ashleycolean


Cory said...

I've been thinking about this too! Unfortunately, I sometimes have to work crazy hours at my current job. But, willing to spend nights/weekends doing stuff...just have to find something. Been doing research on this...

We also just found out that Jacob's student loans are more than we thought, and I'm freaking a little. Woe. You're not the only one obsessed!


ashleycolean said...

it's tough! i have such a busy schedule until (no lie) november, that i'm not sure any place would hire me to begin with!

let me know if you figure something out!!