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{less that $1,000.00 due!!!!}
great news! i am well under $1,000.00 left on my student loans! i am so excited! it's so close! march is going to be a tight month. no spending and tight on the expenses for the month. i need to try and pick up some tails jobs also.

i've done some calling around the outdoor mall next to my new apartment to see if anyone is hiring for part time help, but so far, no luck.

i'm just feeling the pressure to get a little bump in the incoming and put a cap on the outgoing. i top shelfed my goals last month and went a little wild spending. not a good feeling. i also opened a nordstrom visa AND a target visa-again, not helping the 'out of control' feeling i have right now. i just need to get everything to zero and rebuild from there.

i am so excited to move into the 'saving' category, rather than the 'debt payment' category. it'll be exciting to see the ol' savings account see some beef for a change.

with a few hiccups, i'm still one happy girl that the $14k+ loan is now under $1k! i'm feeling pretty proud of that!

xoxo ashleycolean

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