month 9!!!

month 9 was super abnormal. like, super abnormal. so don't think that i went strolling through life finding $100 bills on the sidewalk every 20 yards :)

i paid off a whopper in january. $2,821.39 to be exact. and i put $6.00 in savings :)
(the $6.00 is because i really took out $50ish and then put $56.00 back in)

so where the hell did i come up with that kind of cash in a generally financially funky month??

welp, i moved. and got free rent the first month. i had to pay a couple hundred to the movers, and a couple hundred for my first month because we got into the space a couple of days early, but it wasn't my entire $815 i would have normally paid in that month.

i got my whole deposit back! $785.00! which went straight to the student loan.

tails job over new years didn't hurt. instead of going out and spending a fortune on a dress, makeup, hair, bar entry, cocktails, etc etc etc, i opted to take a house sitting job to not only save the money i would have spent but also make a couple hundred dollars on top of it.
it wasn't the greatest idea from a stress perspective (with traveling for the holidays, moving, etc) but it paid a good little chunk-that also, went straight onto my loan.

christmas money. i didn't get hundreds of dollars from santa, but i had a few extra bucks to through down on those loans. **correction, santa gave me a $300 mastercard, which i used to buy a bed. i likely would have used some money that i put on the loan to buy the mattress, so...ultimately, that cash from santa could be considered a loan payment.i also got about $150 to target which was KEY for getting the new place! you never realize how many 3M hooks and storage boxes you need until you move!

it was the way the cards fell this month that helped me put all that cash down on the loan! that and my serious dedication not to go crazy buying everything under the sun at the after christmas sales, like i normally do!!

the amazing news...only $2,917.96 left on my student loans! when i started may 1st trying to get that bad boy paid off i had $14,059.09 to pay down. i can't hardly believe that now i am just a couple of months away from it being gone forever!!

xoxo ashleycolean


tara polly photography said...

you are SO inspirational! boomshakalakalaka!!!!

ashleycolean said...

back at ya girlfriend!! :)

Blake said...

Awesome awesome

theweederfam said...

YAY! So proud of you...can't wait until we only have $2,000.00 left!!!! :)

ashleycolean said...

thanks guys! pretty exciting