viva las anxiety attack

a week ago, i went to good ol' las vegas for work. it was my first trip to the city that never sleeps.

i realized three things about myself in vegas:
1. i am an old soul
2. i will never be the person that feels appropriately dressed in 6 inch heels at 10 in the morning
3. i'm cheap

it's funny to me that i can justify, a thousand ways, buying a $500 bedding set at anthropologie-but the idea of putting $20 in a slot machine and losing it makes me sick.

i have never seen such outrageous prices on food in my life! a side cesar salad at one restaurant was $16. it's just not my speed. even the mini patron bottles are $50!

my three favorite things about vegas
1. my alarm clock was connected to my curtains so in the morning instead of the BEEP BEEP BEEP that normally wakes me up, the curtains opened slowly and let in the sunlight. that is legit.
2. the bathtub was inside the shower, so you could fill it all the way to the top!
3. primo people watching

outside of that, and maybe going back to see a show, i don't think i will head back to vegas anytime soon.

it's just not my jam. i'm not quite as fancy as i used to be, and a 9:30 bedtime will always sound pretty great to me on a wednesday.
xoxo ashleycolean

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