beautimous, free people

i had a momentary lapse of good judgment this weekend and binged on some free people items. in my defense-one of the items is a total replica of the dress my mom wore in her 1980 senior pictures, so i am planning something totally fantastic with that!
this identical dress my mom wore is amazing and timeless
the other two items were just because they are adorable and i happened upon them. i guess this is what happens when you shop from bed on a saturday after too many cocktails on friday night.

this skirt was on crazy sale-$30 bucks?!

and these booties are simply amazing

lesson learned. i promise. don't i?

my gf tara got some great things too! i was in total cart envy when she sent me her list. she has such a great sense of style...i envy her look for sure. check out my faves of her stuff.
i mean, these suckers are just awesome

LOVE this top!
and this bad boy
hope you all had an amazing, beautimous weekend~
viva la maxi.
xoxo ashleycolean

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