to the moon and back

today is sara's birthday. the love of my life, forever friend, and my little sister. she's 24 today. yea!

sara is everything i long to be. she is brilliant, determined, gorgeous and the most selfless person i have ever met. my amazement for 'all things sara' lent itself to some pretty nasty jealousy when we were kids. i was not the best 'big sister' then, and that makes me so terribly sad...that for even one moment i was not the very best person in the world to my sister. luckily, i grew up, grew out of jealousy, and grew into admiration.
it's funny to me how much two people can be so different and so alike simultaneously. we are two peas in a pod-just peas of different shades of green...

giving my new baby sister a 'sink bath' with great grandma jane in 1987

you've been my happiness for so many years sister...even before i was smart enough to realize it. nothing makes me happier than time with you-life is easy, and good when you're around. you teach me so much- sometimes i think it's silly you weren't the one born first.

happy birthday sister.  i hope this year brings to you all the happiness that you deserve. you are the most important person in my life-and i can't thank you enough for all the peace you bring to my life. i love you with all of my heart-to the moon and back.

birthdays rock!
xoxo 'sister' ashleycolean

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