9 pound hammer or a woman like you

when i made the awesome, and scary, and wild move west after college i had a panic attack on the drive.
i had no friends.
what would i do?
no one would ever be able to talk to me like chelsey, or kill me with her wit like york. know me like my sister. i had some pretty rad friends, and now, here i was, cruising down i70 excited, nervous, and freaked out about making this new journey without anyone by my side.

the next few months were rough. no job. no one to sit with me for endless hours drinking on various patios around the city. i was a sad sack. a weeping mess that acted like everything was amazing if anyone would call. 
but then, something happened.
the friends came.
and now, i am so lucky.

these are just a few of the amazing women i now get to call friends.

angela at glbt gala, denver 2011
amy, katie and jenn in arizona for the half marathon that nearly killed me


marathon number one morning with amy

kendall fall 2010

my gracepotter partner in crime-emily

leah in ft collins at the tour de fat costume bike race

ft collins crew summer 2010

brooke at hapa with some handsome fellas

my first friend-stephanie. boulder st pattys day 2011

the gorgeous and talented tara of tarapolly.com

my cobf annie-feel like i have known her my whole life
i used to get a lot of sleep when i was moping around alone. now i'm pooped, over extended, my planner is a total disaster, and i'm so happy my heart could explode.

you all are a part of the life i made, the life i chose, the life i put together, and i am one lucky girl.

xoxo ashleycolean

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Stephanie said...

I love you so much. Thanks for being you!! You are beautiful inside and out, inspiring, and oh so witty;-)