things wendi taught me

i have, quite possibly, the best boss in the history of bosses. i can't even take time going in to all the ways she is so completely fantastic.

today, on several occasions, something came up that reminded me of something i learned from wendi. i had just the thing to say, or advice to give because of some little tidbit she's provided over the past couple of years. so, i decided that i would post little things that she 'let's me in on.' most of them are common sense, but, i didn't know them, so you might not either.

today's thing wendi taught me: no boots after easter.

i had no clue. apparently it's southern...and because she is from nola, homegirl is in the know.
man o man...first no white pants labor to memorial day and now no boots after easter?!?

what's a girl to do.
xoxo ashleycolean

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theweederfam said...

Uh oh,this could be a problem for me as well. Im a boot-aholic.