because a little good karma never hurt anyone

a couple of years ago i waws given a gift certificate to kiva.org, a website that allows people to give small business loans to people all over the world. i spent an hour agonizing over who to give my money to. how to pick? when will they get all the money they need? what if they never do?
after some observation i decided on hamis omary-a store owner in tanzania who needed $975 dollars to buy inventory to keep his little shop running.
this is a picture of hamis, who paid me (and his other loaners) back in full within 11 months.

the really cool thing about kiva is that once your money is paid back you can reloan. over the past few years i have added another $50 of my own money to the 'ashleycolean pot.' between the inital $75 investment and reloaning money i've been able to help 9 people! NINE!!

all images from kiva.org
these are a few of the folks i have loaned to through kiva. men, women, groups, and from all over the world.

it is such a wonderful thing....and i figure, who can't use a little extra good karma. :) cut a happy hour out of your budget and help someone.

i dare you.
xoxo ashleycolean

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