fly away-d.c.

so dc was a trip. what a gorgeous family amanda has made! with baby boy gavin - a dream child, amazing and kind hearted husband and getting more gorgeous by the day i felt in awe of her all weekend.

thursdays travels were a trip-they probably deserve their own post but here were the highlights:
~free whiskey rocks x 3 to start the weekend out with a bang from my travel friends tyler and blake on the plane. these nice fellas did something with underground piping and got off in st louis-boo.
~stl was a 90 minute layover which turned in to 2 twenty ounce beers with a 'bachelor' look alike...'brad, is that you?!'
~stl to baltimore i sat next to two gentlemen from the marines. they had terrible attitudes but as soon as i called them on it they were great fun and ready for cocktailing, so naturally i was too. they proceeded to give me relationship advice-loudly...it was all in fun, but after the flight we got several comments, 'most entertaining flight i've ever taken,' 'he didn't deserve you," and my personal favorite 'you'll find someone one day, sweetheart.' so humiliating.

on to the vacation!

friday morning we woke up and i was introduced to my new best friend, gavin. cute little nugget!

then headed out for some brunch at an adorable bistro in georgetown.

we walked to some nearby shops and grabbed coffee from the apparently infamous baked and wired. the line was too long to grab a cupcake, but maybe i can get amanda to send me one :)

 friday afternoon we headed through the hellish traffic back home to get ready for a night in chinatown. the sitters showed up and it was off for my very first metro experience-fairly painless...and made me wish we had more public transit in denver...

drinks, dinner, drinks-we decided we were too old and tired and were ready to head home on the Metro. standing at the crosswalk trying to get a picture with the chinatown arch this group of dudes approached us and we were all fast friends. we walked down the street to clydes where we had a couple more drinks with our new friends.

saturday we grabbed some bangin' lox and bagel at 'the bagel place' with the gavster looking cute as ever.

then headed to dc for a little peek at the washington monument.

we felt like luck was in our corner when two women gave us their tickets to the holocaust museum-which we headed to next. it was amazing, interesting and horrifying. i would certainly recommend it, but it is not for the faint of heart.

saturday went a bit downhill after heading back to (way too busy) georgetown on the metro and trying for that damn cupcake again. the line was 50 deep so we cabbed back to hyattsville with a not so awesome cab driver.

a little chinese and wine did the trick saturday evening with good company and a season of the office.

it was a great trip. and great reminder that there are people in your life that you can be far away from for far too long and still find your way right back to them. i feel blessed.

not bad for a vacation leaving feeling.
xoxo ashleycolean


theweederfam said...

Um, in love with this & you. Thank you so much for your kind words! So glad that you could make it out here. "You're a true friend" L A S H E S, duh.
Now on to the countdown for July!!!

ashleycolean said...

cant wait doll. love you
lashes, a