rant and rave-crazy woman with the knuckles

last night i was sitting at the corner of 14th and curtis (construction hell right now). a cabby let a group of ped morons walk when they shouldn't have...hand means no walk....so i got stuck a bit out in the crosswalk-which i will admit.
however, what happened next blows my mind. this crazy ass woman-i'm guessing 60-balled up her fist, rushed up to my (BRAND NEW) car and pounded on the hood with her knuckles, repeatedly screaming 'you're in the crosswalk-you're in the crosswalk.'

under normal circumstances i would like to think i would have politely rolled down my window and explained what had happened in a calm, rational way. but the fact that i have been taking meticulous care of my new car-not allowing anyone food or drink inside the damn thing, parking miles from any entrance, and washing it weekly (at a minimum) it may be an understatement to say i flipped.

i think had it not been for my seat belt holding me in, or all of the other onlookers i would have gotten out of my car and potentially caused bodily harm to this 60 year old woman.

however, instead, i rolled my window down and let her know how absurd she was-of course i yelled, and may have used words i wouldn't generally use around 60 year olds...

but come on, really?!!?? you're knuckles?!?!

long live the car/ped battle of denver.
xoxo ashleycolean

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theweederfam said...

We just talked about that....then it actually happened to you! Crazy! People are dumb.