rant and rave, 420 smokeout

it's days like today that make me supremely irritated with boulder. working here is great, sans the sometimes wildly long commute, but on days like 420, boulder is most easily described as one big, hot, mess.
kids are strewn everywhere, high as they can possibly get and still be mobile-and because boulder is so ped friendly there are crosswalks everywhere. in one block alone there are 3 additional crosswalks that have nothing to do with traffic lights. all it takes is the push of a button and (on days like today) dozens of people walk across the street.

420 didn't bother me when i was in school...it was just another day that people decided to glorify a bad habit, but now...it makes me just shy of homicidal, and boulder seems to take it to the next level.
this is a little idea of what happens on the hill in boulder today
last year the commute took me 95 minutes thanks to all the stoners. so, to all you participating in what my loser ex-boyfriend actually considered a holiday-remember that some of us have jobs, have been at work all day, have a 30 mile commute back home and couldn't care less about how you're 'keepin' it realll mannn.' just sober up and get out of the god damn way.

xoxo ashleycolean


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! This is such a pathetic holiday! I'm so sorry about your prolonged commute! No fun.

girls with a stethoscope said...

I stumbled upon your blog by chance and I love it! Gosh I cannot believe 4/20 is actually considered a holiday by some people - it's pathetic.

ashleycolean said...

ugh-i know! luckily i made it out with my sanity and car in tact!