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lately i am sure my extreme stress and general sense of 'overwhelmedness' (ac word) has come through in my posts-and or lack there of. every once in a while i get ten shades of overwhelmed, and since i am not a black belt at handling stress it always tends to snowball.
i become paralyzed by my stress and do nothing to change the circumstances causing the problems. it's not my best strength.
so when it was time for my mom to visit i was hoping she would be able to solve (or at least help solve) a number of the problems i was having....and SHE DID!! moms have a funny way of making you feel better about things.

i thought my mom handed me some pretty great questions to get to the middle of my stress, anxiety and overall bad attitude about changing all of the above, and i think they would relate to just about everyone.
1. what is causing you stress?
2. when do you think about it the most?
3. what would make your stress go away?
4. what is the number one thing you would change about your current situation that would make you happier?

my number 4 thing was not 'get out of debt.' so she said (paraphrased) i am putting too much stress on myself in an area that is not my number one focus. how silly, right!
so, i am going to keep this up-the whole paying down the debt thing-but i'm going to go on a bit of a hiatus. i need to take some time for me to get solid on some other areas of the ol' life space. if that means simultaneously paying down some debt-great. if it doesn't-that's okay too. i'm still working toward the goal, and i'm not planning to undo any of what i've done. i'm not going to run to the mall and buy 15 things at anthropologie, or start going out for drinks every night. the happiness and relief that has come from my financial lockdown thus far is worth more to me than to give in again.

ultimately, i'm aiming for some other goals over the 'pay off your debt' goal. for a bit, anyway.

here's to happiness.
xoxo ashleycolean

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