i know i am on hiatus from the lockdown in it's entirety, but that doesn't mean that i don't still spend some serious time with my spreadsheets, numbers and goals surrounding the plan.

today i was wondering where i am, with my progress. i mean, i obviously have a serious number of spreadsheets laying out all the details of what i've done so far, but i mean by percentage of completion. where exactly am i?

i have good news people.

despite the shittiest month in the history of the lockdown (only paying down minimums) i am actually not in bad shape. i have paid off more than 20% of my total debt in 4 months!

of my original debt of $34,114.73- 20% would be $6,822.95 and my total debt down may-august is already $7063.91-which is 20.7%!

my next exciting goal will be 25% which i should technically reach by halloween because that would be exactly 6 months into my two year GET OUTTA DEBT plan! 25% of my total original debt is $8,529.68!

which means, i need to pay a total of $1,465.77 between september and october. doable, i think. especially since my combined minimum for two months is $990.60. so, you see, i only need to scrounge up an additional $475.17 in two months.

so if you are feeling totally overwhelmed with your debt try breaking it out into segments, like percentage of total debt like i did here, small goals along the way, or average monthly payment to reach your goal.

you can do it! and what's the worst that can happen!? you pay off $1,245 dollars in a month instead of $1,250.00!?? well damn girl, you still paid $1,245! i'm attempting to start looking on the bright side.

so this is me, looking on the bright side.
xoxo ashleycolean

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