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i read an interesting article in women's health the other day sweating it out on the treadmill. i was surprised they did an article on finance, but i was happy about it.

so here are a few stats for you to chew on and see where you land...

number of women who admit to being splurgers: 5 in 12
(yes, i'd be one of these women)

percentage of women who have expensed something that wasn't job related: 18%
(never. i could never scam my boss, or my company.)

number who would marry a hot, broke guy over a rich, chubby one: 5 in 8
(i like how this says nothing about the type of guy he is. i'd have an easier time with the chubby guy because his wealth likely reflects that he is put together, motivated, has drive, etc which are more important to me than a hot guy. plus, he could always hire a trainer ;) )

who the average woman turns to when she needs money: parents
(i haven't ever had to go to my parents and wouldn't unless it was a serious emergency.)

percentage who won't lend cash to friends: 42%
(i have a post coming up about this very thing. don't do it. it ruins relationships.)

if she won the lotto the first thing she'd do after putting a chunk into savings: give some to mom and dad

percentage who earn more than their man: 24%
(not applicable)

percentage who say it puts strain on their relationship: 12%
(i can imagine (especially long term) this could cause tensions to be high in a relationship. look for a post on this soon also).

the big thing she's saving for: 1.vacay 2.house 3.car
(i hope these fools saving for vacations are out of debt.)

the average woman's biggest money worries: 1.not having enough in a crisis 2.paying off debt 3.saving for retirement
(emergency funds will solve number 1. i feel ya on number 2, but you have to think about it as a challenge and a relief watching that number go down each month not a burden. number 3 doesn't cause me too much stress yet, but my advice-start now or else!)

number who have had trouble paying bills after an out of control shopping spree: 2 in 7
(yep-been there, done that! thank god for return policies.)

the most the average woman has spent on a pair of shoes: $200
(that's pretty accurate-IF you don't count boots.)

number one thing she would never do, no matter how strapped for cash: stop eating out
(this is a tough one, but doable.)

number of women who would return money to someone if they saw them drop it: 9 in 10.

where do you fit in these stats? more importantly, what do you worry most about financially?? i'd love to get some insight.

xoxo ashleycolean

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