what i learned this week

in may i went to the eye doctor. he told me that i needed to swtich contacts, that the prescription in my glasses was seriously outdated, and basically cost me a small fortune. i started hunting for deals and came up in pretty great shape.
discounted (and rebated) contacts, found warby parker, and got a refund from the hot eye doc because he felt my copay was overly expensive for the amount of time i was in the office.

anyway, the rebate for a years worth of contacts (about $450) was $80!! not to mention i got a huge discount just from googling 'vision direct online discount.' so they said to expect 2 months for the rebate to be fully processed and sent to you. i was patient, but on monday i'd had enough. i called them and they didn't have any of my information, it was 'lost.' i flipped out. i spent the time and energy to send it in and now this. knowing i didnt make copies of most of the info i freaked out.

but there was light at the end of the tunnel. i categorize all of my emails. i have a 'receipts and invoices' folder that has every correspondence from any companies that i've bought goods/services, paid bills, etc. i found enough of what i needed for her to update my profile and send me a rebate (within 5-7 business days). i was shocked it worked out. i always have a bad taste in my mouth about rebates. there are so many rules, exceptions, and issues i thought for sure it was a lost cause.
in short, keep everything! emails, receipts, copies of all the rebate requirements, etc. having all of this stuff should something go wrong, will streamline the process of getting what you're owed.

$80 bucks, is $80 bucks!
xoxo ashleycolean

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