run away with money


i was reading an article just the other day in runner's world, that said that runners are more 'financially conscious' than those who don't run. huh.
the article says that runners are 'mathmatically inclined' because they count calories, miles, paces, strides, etc. they also spend a good chunk of time alone. on average avid runners run for 12.5 hours per week-64 percent of the time they are alone. that's some serious time to reflect...on whatever you want.

the article also said that runners are also focused on a good return on investment for their workouts. running burns calories, fast-there is nothing like it. so, those who are time conscious, are likely also money conscious.

my one rebuttal as a past marathon runner-is that running can be a really pricey activity. the races, the shoes, the apparel, the gym, the supplements. trust me, it added up-pretty fast.

i think there is something here though. you have plenty of time to think about your finances, plan your pay checks and evaluate where you're going financially. i can see it.

to the treadmill!
xoxo ashleycolean

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