two arms, tight grip, 10 seconds each


i realized the other day that i don't get enough hugs. they say you need between 4 and 10 hugs a day! 4 to ten hugs! that's a lot of hugs for a single girl who doesn't see her mom a lot. i mean, four hugs??! and that is just for survival.

according to a family therapist you technically need 4 for survival, 8 for maintenance and TWELVE for growth. TWELVE. no wonder i've been stuck in a rut. my mom told me monkey's die without enough hugs because she wants me to move home and buy a house so she can decorate it. oh, and she probably wants to hug me everyday, too. well if monkey's die, i just might too.

so i'm takin' em where i can get em. i'm going to become a hugaholic. i'm just going to walk down the street with my arms open. that oughta illicit some awkward moments, but maybe a hug or two also.

watch out world, i'm hug hungry.
xoxo ashleycolean

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