and for what?

i was talking about my financial lockdown the other day at softball and someone asked me, 'so how are you doing it????'

i surprised myself with the answer....'pretty much, i quit shopping.'

it just sounds so easy, but seems so hard.

so that got me thinking. why do i feel so great when i spend hundreds of dollars i don't have? what is that thrill i get from forking over my cards? where does it come from?

i think, and bare with me here-that women, have a terribly unhealthy relationship with money. i'm generalizing here but...it isn't appropriate to talk openly about it (according to most people). all of our icons have it. we can't get enough of it. our status depends on it. unfortunately, we're all just trying to be like everybody else. and eventually all of this crap equals deep debt, or deep regret, or both.
your relationship with money is just like any other relationship. with your family, with food, with a lover-if it's unhealthy it effects all of the other areas of your life. we need to have a conscious relationship with money or it'll go bad on us-get funky-turn unhealthy....fast.

so, here i am. having a conscious relationship with money. making mindful and tactful decisions, even if it's not the cool thing to do.

i'm refocusing. reevaluating. and deciding to get excited about increasing my net worth, not the number of designer bags in my closet. i'm deciding to talk about it. be honest. and take control of my life, my debt, and most importantly...my future.

to hell with fitting in.
xoxo ashleycolean

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