my heart

since putting the kibosh on my spending i can really see how frivolous i was being with my money. sure, i have some great clothes, a few pairs of nice shoes, and fancy apartment decorations but outside of that, i really don't have anything to show for all the spending i was doing. one thing that i've always wanted to do, but i thought i could never afford, is travel. my top three places are greece, tuscany and ireland. now that i see how much money i actually have to do things like travel, or buy a home, etc, because i'm not just throwing it away on silly crap, i can really do those things.

it's also nice to have things to look forward to once the lock down is over-like traveling. i can spend my time thinking about how great it will be to sit on the beach in greece instead of how i wished i hadn't forked over $285.00 for that 'great' jacket. after the debt comes the new way of spending-and allocating money to what i really want to be doing.

a girl's gotta have a couple amazing vacations under her belt by 30, right!??

i'd bet this is what the inside of my heart looks like.
xoxo ashleycolean

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