relationships with money

 relationships are tough. every one is different. i've been thinking about my relationship with my finances, and other's relationships with their finances this week. i used to have a resentful relationship with money-always worried about it, spending outside of my means, and my comfort level. i used money. for what i'm still not completely sure. to fit in? status? a feeling? a high??  i've still gotta dig into why i have the urge, or rather the tendency to spend the way i do...i don't know if i'm prepared to dig that deep into the recesses just yet...
but here's a little quote to get you thinkin...

'the key to developing a better relationship with money is to cultivate a greater awareness of our money-related thoughts and tendencies. then we can try to understand and work with those tendencies rather than letting them control us. the idea isn't to eliminate the desire for money and material goods but to stop confusing money with the feelings that are attached to it' marshall glickman

xoxo ashleycolean

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